I was sick at home with a cold, and had just taken some Robitussin, little did I know that this would react quite severely with my anti-depressant Wellbutrin. All of a sudden I'm seeing green waves coming out from the television set, coiling around the room like electric green smoke. I blinked my eyes a few times, but that only seemed to make it worse.. slowly the green began to form symbols, rapidly ticking digits, like letters across a computer screen. I scanned the digits for some kind of language, and realized it was like a hybrid of television advertisement slogans intermixed with regular sentences, and it was spelling out messages to me on my ceiling! Messages of the future, messages of people's lives.. I opened my mouth to scream but suddenly my voice was weird and tinny, like it was coming through speakers, like the voice of a tv news broadcaster.. and I realized oh my god I'm speaking through the television! I'm channeling tv messages. I can't believe it! That's how it all started...

I was overcome with nostalgia at that moment of awakening, because as I received the advertisements I also began to receive sound clips from my favorite television shows. Shows I had watched religiously from when I was a little girl. Shows which had kept me company when my divorced mother went out on dates. I had forgotten how much they meant to me, how the characters in those shows were like my friends and role-models. How much I had related to Punky Brewster and Gary Coleman. How much I had wanted to be like Jamie Summers from the Bionic Woman when I grew up. As I talked through their voices, I felt closer to those characters than I had ever been.. and I wept in consent.

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